Friday, August 29, 2008

Massive GM Recall due to Fire Risk

General Motors made the announcement today to recall 857,735 vehicles due to an apparent fire risk involving a faulty windshield washer circuit - according to Federal Safety Regulators.

The affected vehicles include year 2007-2008:
  • Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche and Suburban
  • Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT
  • GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL and Saturn Outlook
  • Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne
  • 2006-2008 Hummer H2
  • 2008 Buick Enclave
Get to a dealership soon if you own one of these.
Fire go burn.

Hurricane Gustav: Evacuation Woes

I really, really hate hurricanes.

After Rita nearly wiped out our community though (other surrounding areas weren't so lucky), I don't take them quite as lightly as I had in years past. Now, with Gustav bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico, and a potential projected path into my back yard... It looks as if though I'll be packing my stuff, grabbing the kiddo and the kitty, and making my way north yet again.

The good side of this - because there's already enough bad - is that I will get to spend some much needed time with my family in Longview, Texas.

For now though.. it's a wait and see situation. Word is, State officials in Texas have passed down orders to start turning off Water, Gas, and Electric utilities IF they call for a mandatory evacuation. I'd like to know what the hell people are going to do if they are the ones that HAVE to stay (police, medical, etc.) They say it is to nip a lot of problems in the bud, but seems like they are simply freaking out a bit early.

Pandora the Cat

Weedhopper is proud to introduce....


As you can see, she's a solid black, 4 month old furball, and she's full of life. (sorry for the poor image quality, taken with phone)

After a successful battle against fleas and ear mites, we had her spayed along with vaccines, etc.. She was born outside, and the people we got her from really hadn't taken very good care of her.

But, I'm pleased to say that she has recovered nicely, and other than being shaved in a few odd spots, Pan is a very healthy, very happy kitty! So, all said and done... Other than a major dispute over the bill from the vet... all went extremely smooth.

More to come about her (and the vet) later.

2007 Honda Civic Si

Say hello to my little friend..

In July of 2007, I traded in my Galaxy Gray 2006 Civic EX for it's big brother, the Si.  I will be posting more here about my car, but for now you should visit my other website to read more about this awesome little ride. Pictures and specs and links, oh my!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kicking Things Off

New blog, blank canvas, and all that that may imply. Fresh starts are supposed to be a good thing, but I always seem to find them awkward at best.

Never mind that, though. I WILL find stuff to talk about... after all, I do have a cat named Pan (Pandora), and when all else fails, she - I'm sure - will provide plenty of material. Besides future appearances by her, I do also plan to post some of my original artwork, photographs, rants, raves, insights into my Bass Guitar affliction, and more than likely posts related to my Gray Baby, a 2007 Honda Civic Si.

In other words - just another butt-crack of a blog among the masses of asses.