Friday, September 5, 2008

2007 Civic Si performance upgrades - Fluids and Lubricants!

I finally got around to signing up on the forums, something that I've been avoiding like the plague. I know me, and if I start digging around and looking at what others have done to thier Si's... I knew i'd get the urge...

and so it begins...

Out of all the available performance mods you can do to your Si, I started with probably the most important, yet one of the lowest power yields (maybe) - I changed my oil and filter. However, instead of going back with a crappy filter and conventional oil, I chose a NAPA Gold (Wix) oil filter and Royal Purple fully formulated synthetic oil.

Why this choice? Well for starters, I work at a NAPA, we carry both product lines, and I get a discount! Plus, I really prefer the Royal Purple over other synthetics due to it's proven durability and other redeeming qualities:
  • More Horsepower (est. 5-7 hp gain)
  • Saves Fuel (less friction, less strain, more efficient)
  • Longer lasting than conventional oils (little to no viscosity breakdown)
  • Reduces Wear
  • Reduces Emissions

Yeah, yeah... other synthetics claim the same (and some DO deliver), but after being in the auto parts game for a while, you come to know which stuff if good, and I'm telling you... Royal Purple is good stuff.

As for the oil filter, I firmly stand behind Wix. I have repeatedly seen/heard of Wix filters straighten out a "bad" oil pump by stabilizing the engine's oil pressure. They manage this feat by NOT skimping on the construction of the filter internals. They use much more filter element material than most others, they have a METAL inner core to prevent filter collapses, plus they incorporate a nice retention spring for most filters. By the way, never use a Fr*m oil filter if you care about your high performance engine!

After Oil and Filter, my next step is to use Royal Purple's Synchromax (high performance manual transmission fluid), and add Royal Purple's Purple Ice to my Si's coolant system. The Synchromax tranny fluid offers similar gains in horsepower plus reduces heat and friction. The Purple Ice is a "Super-Coolant" additive that will reduce your radiator temp, conditions your water pump seals. The Purple Ice is HIGHLY recommended if you live in a hot area, as it will greatly improve your car's coolant system.

Relevant Info 
Wix Oil Filter: part #51356 (napa # 1356)
Royal Purple SAE 5w-30 High Performance Motor Oil (4.5 quarts)
Purple Ice: part # 01600

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