Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pan's Evacuation to Longview, TX

When we were forced to evacuate from Hurricane Gustav, my daughter and I went to my hometown, Longview, up in NorthEast Texas.  We have family there, and we hadn't seen most of them since we evacuated for Hurricane Rita  :-(

Naturally, we had to take Pan, so I made sure to grab some photos of her while we were up there.  She did really good in her cat-nip laced carrier... you know... "Pandora's Box"

As a reward for her good behavior on the 215 mile trip, I bought her a new feathered-ball-dangle-stick ....toy:

There were a LOT of people in and out of this VERY strange house (to Pan, anyway)...  so she ended up getting spooked  quite often at all the noises and voices...  I tried to grab some photos, but this the best one I managed to get..  Not a very good shot, but you can still see a little bit of a fluffy tail.

Pan played a LOT with the new toy, and her favorite, a plush giraffe...  Below, Pan is ready to pass out from all the activity.  Oh yeah, she got a nice blue collar, too!

Getting in trouble while playing with the giraffe:

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