Sunday, January 18, 2009

Civic Si - Polishing with Turtle Wax ICE

It was a beautiful day today, so I took the opportunity to pick up where I left off last week when I washed my car. Last week it was cold... damn cold.... so, my baby only got a good washing and a vacuumed interior.  My hands were numb, so I didn't wax the Si, nor did I get to apply protectant to the interior.

Today, I fixed all that.  After a quick rinse and wipe down, I broke out the Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish.  I saw this stuff on an info-mercial late one night, and bought some the next day.  Unlike past experiences with other "As Seen on TV" products, I did NOT regret this one.  It truly performs as advertised!

Turtle Wax Ice is a synthetic polish that will not leave a chalky residue, and it CAN be applied to hot surfaces, and even in direct sunlight.  Ice goes on easy with an included foam applicator, and comes off just as easy with a microfiber towel, also included.  It really seems to deepen the paint, and gives your car a wet, glossy appearance.  It's also great for black plastic trim and wiper arms too!

Turtle Wax offers several products in the ICE line, but two that are certainly in my future are the Ice Clay Bar kit, and the Ice Spray Detailer:

Once I finished polishing the exterior with ICE (including all the trim), I cleaned my windows with Eagle One Aeresol Glass Cleaner.  (more on glass cleaners later)  When I was fully satisfied with the exterior, I turned my attention to the interior.

It had been ages since I had used any Armor All or other protectancts, and it was really showing. I don't like my interior surfaces that dried out, but I DON'T like it thick and greasy, either.  So, instead of using a nearly uncontrollable spray protectant, I like using the Armor All Protectanct Wipes.  They come in a convenient plastic tube, very much like a tube of baby wipes. 

Armor All also makes cleaning wipes, exterior detailing wipes, glass wipes, as well as wipes formulated for leather surfaces..  check em all out here.

I finished the afternoon out with a nice, long cruise around the area.  I love a clean ride!

I will post photos of the car itself as soon as I can!

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